About the Designer

Landscape design:

Dustin Gimbel has worked as landscape designer for 10+ years and started as horticulturist 20+ years ago. He holds a B.S. in Horticulture from Cal Poly, and has worked in botanical gardens in England, during which he earned the two year Royal Horticultural Society Diploma in Horticulture at Wisley. Dustin's passion for plants and gardening started at a very early age which later led him to work at specialty nurseries for hands-on experience. He worked in a variety of roles at Heard's Gardens in Orange County, Heronswood in Washington state, and Greenlee Nursery in L.A. County. Today he enjoys the challenge of meeting the needs of a diverse range of clients and projects. He finds inspiration from travel abroad as well as exploring nature closer to home.  Always searching for the latest and greatest varieties of plants and materials,  the designer is ever engaged in learning. 

Ceramic design:

While not trained formally as an artist, Dustin considers himself to be a “natural born” artist with an intense drive to create.  For many years he had experimented with concrete and all of its versatility.  But in late 2015 the designer discovered a new love of ceramics which came from the process of taking a pot designed for concrete into commercial ceramic production.  “The Point Pot” , as the geometric piece is called, was the bridge form one medium to the next.  Once the Pandora’s Box of ceramics was opened there was no going back.  Dustin's ceramic work swings from the polar opposites of biological/organic forms to simple geometric lines.  Like gardening, ceramic techniques present an inexhaustible array of choices and paths for exploration.  His personal garden is part laboratory, botanical garden, filled with art, sculpture and experiments.